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I was Medically Retired from the US Army Reserves in Dec. 2006 after 8.5 years of service with 4.5 years of Active Duty service. Deployed under OEF (Ft. Douglas, UT) in 2003 and OIF 2004-2005 (Camp Anaconda, Iraq). Awarded OIF Campaign Ribbon, GWOTX, and GWOTS. (As well as the customary service awards that accompanied my deployment).
I was assigned to the 321st EN BN C. Co. (21B Combat Engineer) 1998-2001/2003-2006 and the 652nd Transportation Det in Seattle, Wa (88N Transportation Management) 2001-2002 under the 70th RRC. I also served with the 889th TC Det Movement Control Reg (88N) 2002-2003 under the 96th RRC. I functioned as a Driver Trainer, Assistant Armorer, Assistant Supply Clerk, and as a Unit Level Skills Instructor.
I was deployed with the 659th ENGR Co in 2004-2005 as a 21V (asphalt/Concrete Technician) where our company was tasked with improving and repairing the roads around Camp Anaconda/Balad Air Force base and the surrounding area. During our deployment I functioned as the Communications NCO and Retention NCO (79V).
After being Medically Retired in 2006 I worked with VocRehab throught the VA to obtain a Bachelors of Science in Business Management and then went on to complete a Masters in Business Administration in 2015.
We honor you, Daniel Conley.
(Submission by: Melissa Sullivan; Written by: Daniel Conley)