“Cody was the first responder on the scene when I called 911 because my father quit breathing. When Cody arrived, he immediately got my father flat on the ground, and started CPR. He helped get my father’s heart started again. I’ll always be grateful for all the people that helped save my father that day.

While my father was in the hospital, Cody actually found me on Facebook and sent me a message. He wanted to know how things were going with my fat her. I thought that was so thoughtful of him to check up on him and us. I wrote back to him and gave him an update. Cody showed up at the hospital the next night and visited with us. It was great to hear his side of the story, how things happened that day. Then he showed up again the next night and brought pizza for our family. He was so thoughtful and considerate. We all felt his concern and love for us. He spent a couple of hours with us, getting to know our family. We seem to have several things in common, like he served in the Army, Airborne 101 st Division, the same division as my dad, just several years later . He’s also a Denver Bronco’s fan, and so is our family .

Unfortuately my father ended up passing away four days after his heart attack. Cody and two other officers actually attended my father’s funeral. Our family is so thankful for Cody and the genuine concern he has for the people that he ser ves. He truly loves his job and it shows by his actions.”

We honor you, Cody Painter.

(Written by: Laurie Linton. #Repost @KSL)