During the Korean War, my brother Corporal Herbert K. Harvey survived a sniper attack while on patrol near Kaesong, Korea on November 10, 1949. As one of thirty men, Cpl Harvey was severely wounded and of only two survivors of the onslaught. Cpl Harvey was saved by the only other soldier left alive. Unfortunately, circumstances have prohibited the identification of the heroic man, known only as the “Red-Haired Sergeant.”

When they were fortuitous enough to be rescued, they were found with Cpl Harvey’s guitar amongst their fallen comrades. As it happens, Cpl Harvey rewarded the “red-Haired Sergeant,” with the only thing he had after the attack, Cpl Harvey’s beloved guitar. It is my belief that both survivors and all the victims of this horrendous incident be honored as the heroes they were.

We honor you, Herbert Harvey.

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