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Ten4 Responding 2018

November 3, 2018

Ten4Responding, an event to raise suicide awareness. Proceeds from this event funded services for veteran and first responder mental wellness. We were able to hear the stories of six local heroes, including a student leader, business leader, police officer, Emergency Medical Technician, military veteran, and a firefighter—each to be honored for their leadership in suicide ?prevention and ?awareness efforts in our community.

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Award Winners

Roots Charter High

Roots Charter High has a program called 243 or “We Love You” They say, “At Roots Charter High School we want there to be no place in the school that a student can’t see “We Love You” or 243. We believe as the students have this constant reminder they will be able to draw upon that reminder when they need it most. As educators, we believe that our number one responsibility is to create a safe and loving environment for a student to grow and learn. Educators and school administrators often do great at creating a safe environment free of danger and hazards but creating a loving environment is harder. They often feel conflicted as they strive to create a “loving” environment, they have rules and boundaries and they sometimes feel disconnected because of those rules and boundaries. They aren’t.”

Meg Dixon

This is a fundraiser clip that Megan submitted in order to raise funds for suicide awareness.  She was able to lead the Suicide Awareness walk in Cedar City back on September 15th because she was a top fundraiser:

“My name is Meg Dixon, and my story starts my junior year or high school. I seemed to suddenly start struggled to love myself and to find joy in life…something that I had never had a problem with before. As time went on, my depression grew. I felt hopeless, helpless, exhausted, and had no will to fight. I felt like my only option was to end my life so that I could get out of the trap that I felt stuck in.

On December 26, 2016 I was sitting in the passenger seat driving home with my sister, when I jumped from the car on the freeway. My sister saved my life that night. I then lived in an amazing treatment facility for the next 5 months where my life was forever changed. Please join my sister and I in this fight! We are so excited about this opportunity to help others and share our passion for suicide awareness.”

Also, a college student contacted Megan after seeing a post she made on Instagram about her struggles and progress.  The student was doing a project on mental health.

She applied for the Daniels Fund Scholarship and had to write 10 essays to apply.  She didn’t get the scholarship, but was invited to the UofU to participate in the scholarship day.

One of the essays she wrote was seen by the author Sheldon Martin.  He included it in his now published book The Sportlight.

She was nominated to go to the Women For Leadership Elect Her awards.  She was invited at the ceremony to present her platform of suicide awareness.

Megan and her sister Haley were the top fundraisers for the Cedar City Out of the Darkness walk to fight suicide on September 15, 2018.   Due to being the top fundraisers they were able to lead the walk.

Megan is active online in social media promoting suicide awareness and helping those who are struggling.  She frequently posts about her experience and things she has learned and gets a lot of responses from people she is influencing and helping.  She is involved in a service club called Days for Girls that delivers hygiene products to girls in 3rd world countries.

Megan is studying Public Speaking and Journalism at SUU.  She plans to use her degree to further pursue her goals of raising awareness of suicide and empowering others to be their best selves.  She is working on a book about her story and experiences overcoming mental illness that she hopes to publish soon.

Joe Tarver

Joe Tarver has served as Deputy Chief for the Murray Police Department since 2014 and has been in law enforcement for 35 years. He is a dedicated and selfless leader within the police community. Deputy Chief Tarver is highly respected for his work among his peers. He is a strong advocate for suicide awareness and prevention in Murray City, as evidenced by his commitment and service to his family, peers, City of Murray and the State of Utah. We know Chief Tarver will feel humbled by this nomination, and will likely accept this award on behalf of his entire “police family” that he is fiercely loyal and protective of on multiple levels. We know he feels that the entire law enforcement community is deserving of being recognized for what they do as First Responders.

Currently, Joe Tarver serves as the Deputy Chief for the Murray City Police Department and has a total of 35 years in Law Enforcement.




Cayson Staples

Nominated by Gary Brunson

10 years ED Nurse

Cayson has been instrumental in suicide prevention of numerous people by sharing the “Love Yourself” message and providing people with reminder bracelets.

Cayson also took it upon himself to have Suicide Prevention stickers made and has distributed them widely. There have been several people who have contacted him personally and credited him with saving their lives!






Adam Balls

Nominated by Jennifer Avery

Murray, Utah- currently working as a Physician in the Emergency Department at Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, UT.

Air Force, Major- served 4 years

Sworn in 2000 as first Lieutenant as Health Profession Scholarship Program. Served active duty from 2007-2011. Deployed to Balad Iraq in 2008 and Ramstein Germany 2010. Currently serving as Medical Director at Intermountain Medical Center Emergency Department and Medical Director at Murray City Fire Department


USAF, The Meritorious Service Medal to Major Adam Balls for meritorious service from July 2007- July 2011 USAF, The Aerial Achievement Medal for sustained meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flight.


Dr. Adam Balls is an actively practicing Emergency Medicine physician at Intermountain Medical Center in Murray. He also serves as Medical Director of the Emergency Department at Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, and the Medical Director of Murray Fire Department. Adam is passionate in the care he and his teams delivers to the members of our community both in the pre-hospital and the Emergency Department settings. Adam is also passionate about in caring for his teams, the medical professionals that work together to be there for those in need. Adam is an advocate for self health and self love to avoid the real and devastating effects that first responders and emergency medical professional struggle with repeated exposure to traumatic events. Adam is an advocate for exposure of the suffering that our heros endure and ensuring that no one is alone. Adam seeks opportunities to reach out to groups as well as individuals to provide them with hope and with help. ~love yourself

Another nomination from Cheyenne Brown was emailed.

Also I want to nominate Adam Balls. He didn’t know Skyler well, but has still made his story and suicide prevention his crusade. He is passionate about caring for his ED and fire families’ mental health. He wants to take the message forward even if it’s uncomfortable.

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