The World Trade Center 9/11 Exhibit

Meet Creator Daan van der Steijn

Daan van der Steijn created a scale model replica of the World Trade Center, New York.  Mr. van der Steijn was born June 7, 2001 and was 3 months old when the September 11, 2001 attacks happened.  Daan’s mum was feeding Daan at the moment the plane flew into the World Trade Center.  Later, Daan heard and saw the details of what happened that day. 

This tragedy touched Daan deeply and it seemed unreal to him to see two passenger planes fly into the World Trade Center and killed so many people.  When Daan turned fourteen, he came up with the idea to build the World Trade Center Memorial Project (The first name of the project) to “memorize all that passed away.”  It took 3.5 years for Daan to build The World Trade Center Memorial Project, with its completion in 2019.

Daan has always liked to spend his time creating wooden products and expressing his creativity and craftsmanship.  Currently, Daan is a student of ‘Entrepreneurial Furniture Maker and Carpenter’ in the Netherlands.  Daan makes and sells his own handmade products (e.g. wooden serving boards) and regularly receives orders from consumers and companies. 

These opportunities have provided Daan relevant experience.  Daan aspires to have his own carpenter company and later create beautiful and exclusive products to be sold internationally.

Daan began his firefighter education in 2020 to become a volunteer firefighter in Deurne, The Netherlands, which is his hometown.  Daan wants to become a firefighter to be able to help people and animals in emergency situations.  Daan’s great-grandfather, Harrie van der Steijn, used to be a firefighter in Deurne too around 1900.  Daan’s cousin, Jorn van de Waarsenburg, and two other family members, are part of the fire department.

Daan plans to start with the Dutch Firefighter Academy in April 2020.  Daan expects to finish his education and officially become a firefighter in 2020 to “play a part in serving my country.”




In February 2020, Honor365 was gifted Daan’s World Trade Center Memorial Project to the United States of America with full support from Attorney General Sean Reyes, State of Utah.  The project is now called the World Trade Center 9/11 Exhibit.   

Your donations will help offset the costs associated for this amazing exhibit and mental wellness programs for veterans, first responders, and their families.


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