Our Story

Since the time she can remember, Dr. Ninzel Rasmuson, an Air National Guard veteran, had the mission of forming a nonprofit that would serve veterans with a vision of having a world without suicide.  As a result, this dream became a reality, Operation Veteran Support was formed, and the rest is history.

Operation Veteran Support was founded by Dr. Ninzel Rasmuson in the State of Utah and it opened its doors April 1, 2017.  On July 1, 2017, Operation Veteran Support started doing business as Honor365™, mainly because at the heart of why we do what we do is to honor those who help to protect and defend the people of the United States 365 days a year, always “Remembering the One™.”  The Remembering the One™ program began with honoring veterans only.

On January 1, 2019, first responders were added to the program as we realized how many veterans oftentimes become first responders because of their military expertise.  We are honored and privileged to recognize our veterans and first responders every day.  Katrina Parry was instrumental in helping Dr. Rasmuson develop the Remembering the One™ program and she continues be a tremendous asset.

In February 2018, Melissa Sullivan joined the ranks of Honor365.  Melissa serves as the Director of Operations for Honor365™.  Previously, Melissa served as a paramedic and she understands the first responder community well.  In addition, Melissa’s husband served for several years with the Army’s Special Forces, 19th Division.  We are deeply grateful to Melissa’s commitment and impact on the work we get to do every day.

In August 2018, Ten4 Responding™ was added as a program under Honor365™.  Ten4 Responding™ means we have a mutual understanding and are responding to the suicide epidemic in our Nation.  Honor365 hosts Ten4 Responding™ events and proceeds from these events fund mental wellness and resiliency programs for those we serve.

In November 2018, the inaugural Ten4 Responding™ event was held in Salt Lake City, Utah.  This event sold out and was a great success.  You can continue to look for upcoming Ten4 Responding™ events on our website at here

In addition to Ten4 Responding™ cause-driven events, Honor365™ has a program called Ten4 Responding Serves™.  Ten4 Responding Serves™ encourages those in the community to work together to serve those in need in the areas of education, employment, healthcare, and housing.

We welcomed the Robin’s Tool Bin™ program under Honor365™ in January 2019 and are excited about all that is coming for this program in years to come!

Please continue to help us with our legacy and our traditions by passing information on this website to your family, friends, and your community at large.  We know that as we continue to serve our communities that great things will happen.

Thank you so much for your support.

From Darkness Light Prevails™,

The Honor365™ Team