Homer Victor Foust


Americal Division, 182nd Infantry, Company A

Homer was drafted on June of 1943.  He headed from Coalville, Utah, to basic training at Camp Roberts, California.  In July, he boarded the USS Monticello from San Deigo, CA.  After 44 days he and 8,000 other troops landed in New Caledonia in the southwest Pacific Ocean. 

He became part of the newly created Americal Division, one of only two American infantry divisions to be assigned a name instead of a number (Americal is a combination of the words American and Caledonia) He was a 16mm mortar gunman.  During the period 25 December 1943 to 12 January 1944 the Americal Division landed on Bougainville, in the Solomon Islands, relieving the 3d Marine Division and was given the task of holding and extending the right half of a previously established perimeter. The Division went on the offensive in March 1944, driving the Japanese east of Mavavia River, 7-9 April, and seizing numerous strategic hill losses during the rest of the month.

On 8 January 1945, the Division began movement to Leyte and Samar, to take part in cleaning out remaining Japanese forces on those islands; relieved, 13 March 1945. During Operation Victor II, the 182nd landed on 26 March 1945, at Talisay Beach, four miles (6.5 km) west of Cebu City, taking Cebu City the next day. Moving into the jungled hills of the interior, the 182nd fought the Battle of Go Chan Hill 28–29 March 1945 and then battled to clear the other hills in the area. They were heavily counterattacked by fanatical Japanese defenders on Bolo Ridge.26 March, and seized the city and airfield by 28 March.

While in Cebo, Homer contracted infectious hepatitis and was immediately sent to California to recuperate.  He remained there through the end of the war.

We honor you, Homer Foust.

(Submission by: Charley Jenkins)