KINGMAN — The Western Arizona Council of EMS awarded City of Kingman Fire Captain Tanner Miller the Paramedic of the Year Award on May 9.

Miller was nominated by Kingman Fire Battalion Chief of Emergency Medical Services Rink Gordon.

“Captain Miller has always shown care and compassion to his colleagues and patients,” said Gordon. “He has taken upon himself to make sure his peers within the Kingman Fire Department are up to date with all of their professional standards certifications.”

Gordon said Tanner has taken it upon himself to instruct all of the continuing education EMS classes and that his intention is to instruct the required classes and reduce the stress of finding recertification classes.

One of the biggest reasons for his nomination is his creation of an education class about leaving infants in vehicles. Early in his career he witnessed an infant left in a vehicle for over 12 hours during the summer. He created the “Clear your Car” class and teaches it at the high schools in the greater Kingman area.

Kingman Fire is fortunate to have individuals like Captain Miller — who represent the organization on and off duty.

We honor you, Tanner Miller.

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