On Oct. 20, Gwinnett County Communications Officer IV Pam McDaniel was working her regular shift at the county’s 911 center when she heard Gwinnett County Police Department Officer Ryan Walsh’s voice come across the radio.

“Shots fired, officer down,” Walsh radioed from the Shiloh Middle School area, where he had just witnessed an accused felon shoot Gwinnett County Police Department Officer Antwan Toney six times.

Without hesitation, McDaniel sent an ambulance to the men’s location as she continued to take down information.

“Additional requests for crime scene technicians and detectives soon followed,” said WSB-TV’s Carol Sbarge, the emcee of Tuesday’s Valor Public Safety Awards event. “Communications Officer McDaniel was questioned whether she needed assistance with making phone calls for the various requests, and her reply was ‘no.’ Everything was under control.”

McDaniel was honored with the Public Safety Communications Officer of the Year Award at the Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce’s annual Valor Public Safety Awards for that control, and the “poise and confidence” she showed as the Oct. 20 events unfolded.

We honor you, Pam McDaniel.

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