Bernard Schwartz (better known as Tony Curtis) was born June 3rd of 1925 in his hometown of the Bronx in New York. He lived there all the way until the second World War was declared from the attack on Pearl Harbor. Tony forged his mother’s signature and joined The Navy.  He served all the way towards the end of the war, amazingly having witnessed the Japanese Surrender in Tokyo Bay on his ship. Tony was enlisted to Submarine Crew 202 on the USS Proteus. Him and his crew performed 20 complete refit and voyage of submarines. Also, his squadron shot 250 torpedoes where they hit 132 ships. They sunk 56 ships and heavily damaged 9. Throughout his service, he earned the WWII Victory Medal, Asia-Pacific Medal, and the American Area Medal. Tony unfortunately passed away on September 10th of 2010.

We honor you, Bernard Schwartz.

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