On December 5, 1968 I left Albuquerque, NM for Lackland AFB, TX for basic training. My parents had to sign paperwork for me to join because I was under 21. I ironed my way through basic while others shined my shoes. January 1969, I endured a very long bus ride from San Antonio to Keesler AFB, MS where I learned to be a 73230. When training was over, I received my first assignment to Yokota AFB, Japan. Arrived there in Jun 1969 and the WAF building was located at Johnson Air Station. The building was an old dispensary and our rooms were in the old maternity ward. During a typhoon the C.E. Squadron had to throw ropes over our barracks to keep it from blowing away. Eventually, we were moved to Tachikawa ABS where we had real rooms with real walls. While there, I was encouraged by an Army medic to visit the wounded at the Evac Station at Yokota on Sundays. Best days of my time in Japan. In May 1973 I was reassigned to Peterson Field, CO for a year and a year later went to Kirtland AFB, NM. I was discharged Jul 1, 1975. 

We honor you, Susan Weiler.

(Submission by:  Ninzel Rasmuson for Utah Honor Flight, Mission 33)