“SPC Michael Travis Osorio, 20 of Horseshoe Bend, Idaho passed away on April 23, 2019 in Iraq serving his country. Michael was born to David and Jennifer Osorio on November 21, 1998. He attended grade school in Salt Lake City, Utah and finished his schooling in Horseshoe Bend, graduating from high school with honors in May of 2017.

Michael loved to play all sports, but his favorite sport was basketball. He was an asset to the team winning MVP, most improved player award, and made second team all-state. He was invited to Australia by Down Under Sports to play basketball. Michael had the ability to make friends and made numerous friends wherever he went.

Michael joined the Army in July 2017, he did basic training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. From there he continued to AIT at Fort Huachuca, Arizona after which he was stationed at beautiful Fort Carson, Colorado as an Intelligence Analyst in the 3rd brigade of the 4th Infantry Division. He was a dedicated soldier who climbed the ranks quickly and earned many impressive medals and awards during his time in the service. Michael was awarded the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Army Achievement Medal, and Army Commendation Medal. Sadly, Michael passed away doing what he loved best serving his country on April 23, 2019. Michael was loved by all who knew him.

Michael is survived by his parents David and Jennifer Osorio; brothers PFC Dominic Chavez who followed in Michael’s footsteps and is actively serving at Fort Polk in Louisiana, Jesse Osorio, Luciano Osorio; Grandparents Walter and Sharlene Earl of Idaho, Leo and Pam Leonard of Utah, Terry Garcia of Utah, Jesus and Etelving Osorio of Emmett, and Pauline Martinez of Utah. Michael was preceded in death by his Uncle Bobby Martinez and Aunt Anita Gallegos. ”

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Osorio’s Gift:

The outpouring of sadness and shock over the past few days epitomizes the impact that Michael Osorio had on those around him. Over the next few minutes I hope to share with you why he was so special, and explain Osorio’s Gift. 

Michael always brightened everyone’s day.  It didn’t matter who you were. He held no grudges, had no bad bones in his body. He was everyone’s friend, and everyone was his friend. Some of us learned this but a few weeks ago, when no one else would be a friend. But Osorio was, unabashedly there, deeply caring, and so happy- no one could not be his friend. It seems this was so short, and it seems so unfair, and it is. And yet, we should cherish his good nature, his giggling humor, his unequivocal friendship. This was his gift, Michael gave this to us in the time we shared with himWe will never forget him or his gentle nature.

He especially made a difference in the TOC [Tactical Operations Center], where we spent so much time. He was the jokester, the meme maker, the one you wanted to start your day talking to and then later go to lunch with.

I would hear the banter and light-hearted conversation even from my office. But his humor was not constrained by his vocal cords. No, it was truly in his eyes. And if you knew him you know this. From my office, his desk was across the adjacent room and he sat just high enough over his monitors so that I could see his face. And when someone was talking out of their ass, or giving a dumb order, or triggering one of our inside jokes, I would stop what I was doing, because I could feel his eyes on me. I would look up from my desk, or peek out from my door, and,invariably, meet his anticipating look and smile. His glittery dark eyes would already be locked on mine, barely containing his laughter.

You could say he had a problem with laughing. One time at Pinion Canyon, the Ops Sergeant Major lost it on the TOC. Some of you know. I think it was actually Snyder’s fault. Sergeant Major was pissed that comms weren’t working, and shaking a radio around in some weird attempt to fix itOsorio couldn’t hold it in. He never could. He lost it with Lieutenant Eagan, and had to move up to the front of our track so no one could hear him laughing at the entire scene.

It was so easy to get into a laughing fit with Osorio. One sure way was by telling old stories of SSG Lutchesky during our NTC rotation, from him telling Osorio to get down because of imagined sniper fire, or, in classic CAV fashion, thrashing a broken generator to inexplicably make it work again. 

It was Michael’s goal, even purpose, to get you to laugh with him. He would work his jokes into briefs for this end. He would even crack jokes at the end of Wilcox’s briefs. We will always remember Sad Daddy, his famous Baghdadi joke.But it was 24/7, including on KLEs, where he was affectionately called Alfredo by the Recon BN CDR. 

My happiest times and deepest laughs with Osorio actually came but less than two weeks ago. Way back in our second or third week here, MAJ Ludwig gave me an order out of left field: come up with a joke or meme to make fun of the ops sergeant major back at Buehring. Do something about him moving the TOC to Starbucks, and Photoshop a latte into his hand. I don’t usually ignore direct orders as a rule, but we were very busy and it didn’t happen. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago and MAJ Ludwig asked me for a SITREP on my progress. At this point we had our feet under us and I thought– I bet Osorio would make an awesome, hilarious product for this. And he did. God did he deliver. We had so much fun making that in my office those two nights.

Back in February, I had the honor of promoting Osorio to specialist before we deployed. He delayed his promotion so the timing lined up with his family’s visit to Fort Carson. They were and are so proud of him, and he loved them so much. He was especially close to his mom. One of his brothers followed in his footsteps, enlisted, and is a forward observer at Fort Polk. When Michaelfirst arrived to 4-10 CAVhe even went through the bureaucratic pain to change his name to his step dad’s. They were all close, and my heart goes out to them. 

Michael was the first new Soldier to the S2section after I came to the unit the previous February. He was motivated, and always happy to be there, be a part of the team. It was astonishing, he did not complain. Never, not once. I kid you not. While staying late with me, one on one, figuring out the mess that is personnel security – no complaints. When we executed field operations after field operations – no complaints. The National Training Center – no complaints. He only cracked jokes and brought us all up around him. 

There are those who didn’t know him that well here at Taji– one has come up to me and said they thought there was something special about Michael, and regret that they did not know him better. They are reaching out to other acquaintances now, and making those connections deeper.

All of our linguists were shocked when we told them the news. One remarked that he couldn’t believe it. He told us how Michael would task them to support missions, by politely asking if it would be okay. Of course it was okay the linguistsaid- how could we say no to him??

SGT Smith said it better than all of us that morning. He had only been in our Task Force for two or three days, but he said that right from the start, he knew he clicked with Osorio. Osorio, he said, was definitely someone he saw himself joking around with. He knew Osorio was going to be one his boys out here. 

Maybe telling jokes was Michael’s way of relieving stress, dealing with anxiety, or fighting darker things. That he gained happiness by buoying those around him. Or maybe it is simply in his nature to make others happy. 

Michael Osorio was always giving, and never asked for anything in returnHmade it a point to not burden his friends and loved ones with issuesHe never got to wear this patch on his right sleeve. He didn’t quite make it to the ceremony. I will never forget all that he taught me, and everything he lived for, and especially, more than anything, the way he treated others. I will remember this every time I see this patch, this moral compass that symbolizes Osorio’s Gift.

We honor you Michael Osorio.

(#Submission by Jennifer Osorio)