Fire Chaplain Mychal Judge

Father Mychal Judge was the subject of one of the most moving and memorable photos taken on September 11th. Father Judge was a Catholic priest who served as a chaplain for the New York City Fire Department. On 9/11 he rushed to the World Trade Center where he began to pray for the victims, offer aid, and administer last rites to some.

He was in the North Tower praying aloud, “Jesus, please end this right now! God, please end this!” Moments later the South Tower collapsed and sent debris throughout the building. Many people were hit by debris, which killed Father Judge. Firefighters were photographed carrying his body out of the building. His was labeled as Victim 0001, as the first to be identified after the attacks.

We honor you, Mychal Judge.

(#Repost @Give it Love. 2nd Photo Credit @Wikipedia)

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