Michele graduated from St Luke’s School of Nursing in MA in 1969, received her RN license and went to TX for basic training. Ft. Polk, LA was her first assignment. After 3 months she volunteered to go to Vietnam and was there from 1970 – 1971. She was assigned to the 24th Evacuation hospital in Long Binh. 

Upon returning to the states she got married to her fiancé, Joel. Michele completed active duty at Valley Forge Army Hospital in PA in Nov 1971. In 1989 she returned to the Army in a reserve status and was assigned to the 328th General Hospital in Salt Lake. 

In 1990 her unit was mobilized for Desert Storm and was deployed for 3 months at the 34th General Hospital in Augsburg, Germany. 

Assignments during her 27 year career included: the 96th RSC in the Surgeon’s Office and as a Detailed Inspectors General. The 348th Gen Hospital in PA, 2076th USARF School in DE, 7215th Medical training support in CA. 

Her final assignment was a mobilization tour at the 807th Med Command for Global War on Terrorism with responsibilities for medical readiness of deploying medical units within the command. She retired as a Colonel in 2012. 

We honor you, Michele Scheeweis.

(Submission by:  Ninzel Rasmuson via Utah Honor Flight, Mission 33)