Rank and Military Position:  Hospital Corpsman (FMF) Third-Class Petty Officer

Branch of Service: Navy

Deployments, tours, and campaigns: OIF

Noble Awards and/or Commendations: Navy Commendation Medal, Good Conduct

After serving his second deployment to Iraq, Chris was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress due to survivors guilt. This lead to suicidal thoughts and actions which he has had to overcome. Chris has used this experience to talk openly with other veterans, in getting the needed help and resources and has used his experience to teach police officers and first responders in crisis intervention training and mental health first aid in Washington State.

Chris Goehner’s resilience and desire to help other veterans has been recognized by President George W. Bush, in the book, Portraits of Courage.

We honor you, Chris Goehner.

(Submission by:  Laura Goehner)