Retired Col. Sally Murphy checks out a Black Hawk helicopter at Fort Myer during a Freedom Team Salute program honoring her as the first woman to complete Army flight school at Fort Rucker in 1974 and became the Army’s first female helicopter pilot. (U.S. Army)

Col. Sally Murphy retired in 1999, but not before breaking down a couple of barriers.

She was the first female U.S. Army helicopter pilot to graduate from flight school in 1974, despite some civilian instructors refusing to teach her and awkward encounters with senior officers who wanted to know why she was wearing a flight suit.

We assume her answer to that was, “Um, because I’m a pilot … Sir.”

Murphy went on to write the first joint requirements for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles — what we know as “drones.” Her vision for their use had a tremendous impact on how we wage war today.

Flying helicopters, pioneering drone warfare? Just another day at the office for this badass.

We honor you, Sally Murphy.