On June 23, 1964, having completed over 2 1/2 years of college and lacking funds to continue, I joined the Air Force hoping to find a path back to college. Alas, the Air Force needed medics and not music majors. So, after basic training at Lackland AFB, I was assigned to medical corpsman schools at Greenville AFB, MS, Gunter AFB and Maxwell AFB, AL. Upon graduation, I received my permanent duty assignment to the 807th Regional Hospital at March AFB, CA, where I spent 4 years assigned to the Intensive Care/Recovery Wing and 4 years assigned to the Urology Surgical Clinic. In all assignments I worked with nurses, doctors and corpsmen.

In spite of my initial disappointment with the medic assignment instead of the USAF WAF Band, I have to say I loved every day of my 8 plus years in the Air Force. The military focused me, educated me about the important things in life and taught me leadership skills I used throughout my military and civilian careers. I am very proud of the opportunity I had to serve my country. I was honored and privileged to be able to work with and care for many of those returning from combat in Vietnam.

Upon my discharge in August 1972, I completed law school, practiced law and ultimately became a judge. I could not have done any of this without my military experience. I still love good music!

We honor you, Barbara Garcia-Beck.

(Submission by: Ninzel Rasmuson, Utah Honor Flight, Mission 33)