Three days after his 18th birthday, a young Roger Thomas enlisted in the US Navy and served as a Machinist Mate and Nuclear Engineer, sailing aboard the USS Enterprise for 8 years. After a brief break in service to complete college, Roger realized his duty to country still called and was commissioned as an officer in the US Air Force Reserves, rising to the rank of Major and fulfilling many special projects in Space Command and Air Combat Command.

26 years of honorable service to our country and retirement is a bittersweet experience. Major Roger Thomas US Air Force was honored at his Air Force retirement Friday [5/3/19] for his nearly three decades of service, and said goodbye to his brothers and sisters in arms – but not goodbye, rather, he said, “Thank you for the honor of walking with you in the most important cause of defending Freedom and now I honor you and cheer for you from the sidelines.”

God Bless America and the men and women who hold Her safe.

We honor you, Roger Thomas.

(Submission by: Tawny Jetawn Thomas)