Wounded 6 Apr 1945 near Oberellem, Germany.

After an all day pursuit of German Army personnel, entered Oberellem, freed some civilians from basement of a house and then proceeded to pursue more German soldiers. Spotted a lone soldier across an open field (possibly a sniper). Suddenly felt a real blow to my back. Thought “oh my God” I’ve been hit in my back. Somebody behind me shot me? Medics finally came up as I was laying on my stomach saying I got hit in the back. So all the way back through the various medic evac aid stations on my stomach. When suddenly I felt my front getting damp. I raised up on elbows, looked down and said “I HAVE BEEN SHOT IN THE FRONT”. That really made my day. One of my guys did not shoot me. What a relief. After surgery, nurses said I had really been shot from the front, a single shot went thru and out my back (apparently from the sniper). Didn’t feel it going in, but really felt it going out my back. Felt like I had been hit by a baseball bat across my back.

In addition to the Purple Heart, Mr. Holmes was awarded the following. WWll Victory Ribbon, American Theater Campaign Medal, EAME Campaign Medal w/2 Bronze Stars, and Good Conduct Medal.

We honor you, James Holmes.

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