Via Facebook post from Alex’s father, Andrew Halford [12/28/18]

“I don’t have the energy right now to call each of you, but I wanted you all to know that this morning an Army Chaplin and his NCO knocked on my door to let me know my son Alex Halford died last night [12/27/18] when a gun was discharged striking him in the head and killing him. We know little more than that, other than it was not a suicide. He was 20 years old.

My son was one of my best friends and one of the funniest guys I knew. He made me endlessly proud to be his father. Daddy loves you forever my beautiful baby boy! 

REST IN PEACE SON. — feeling devastated with Alex Halford.

We honor you, Alex Halford.

(Submission request by: Melissa Sullivan on behalf of a best friend of Alex’s)