2018-12-13 Culbreth
Marvin served as a Staff Sergeant, 13th Bomber Squadron, 3rd Bomber Group, Light, U.S. Army Air Force during World War II. He resided in Georgia prior to the war.
Marvin was a passenger on B-25D #41-30532. This B-25, while on a ferrying flight from Horanda Airfield to the 7-Mile Drome near Port Moresby, ran into severe weather and radioed that they were returning but they were not heard from again during the war.
The B-25 was first located in 1961 and in 2001 the remains of the crew were discovered. They had crashed into Mount Kenevi. Marvin was first declared “Missing In Action” and his status was changed to “Killed In Action” when the plane was later found.
We honor you, Marvin Culbreth.

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