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(KUTV) — The killing of Major Brent Taylor, 39, of North Ogden, is particularly bitter because he thought he was among friends in Afghanistan when he was killed on Saturday [11/3/18], said Major General Jeff Burton of the Utah National Guard.

“He was with the folks that he was helping,” Burton said.

Taylor’s body will be flown to Dover Air Force base, and is expected to arrive there at 9:45 p.m. Monday [11/5/18], Burton said.

Taylor was shot and killed by “small arms fire” during an “insider attack” while he helped train Afghan security forces, Burton said. 

Burton said Taylor was working as part of a NATO-led operation that trained Afghan security forces in the hopes they’d eventually stand on their own.

He volunteered for the mission. It was his fourth deployment.

The man who shot and killed Taylor was shot by Afghan forces immediately after the attack. The incident is under investigation.

Utah Governor Gary Herbert said the biggest concern right now is supporting Taylor’s wife, Jennie, and their seven young children — the youngest is just an infant.

Herbert said Taylor, who was also elected mayor of North Ogden in 2013, was a model of “unselfish service” who often volunteered in his community. He described Taylor as a well-educated man who was a PhD. candidate.

Burton said Afghanistan is still a combat zone. The Taliban still poses a Taylor, who was supposed to return to Utah in 2019 after a year-long deployment, recently posted on Facebook that he was proud of the work he did with NATO to provide peace and security to Afghans during recent, historic elections on October 20.

“I hope you are well, and I am excited to get back to our wonderful city early next year. Best wishes and God Bless America!” he wrote.

We honor you, Brent Taylor.

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