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These are some of the pictures of my dad in WWll with General Patton while they where fighting. My dad’s job was to gather the dead bodies and keep records where they are at in the cemetery. His company was with the front line from France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Germany. He only lived until the age of 51 years of age. Before the demons got to him and he took his own life. He couldnt stand perfume. That is what they used to get rid of the smell from the dead. We as a famly had a hard time talking to him because of his demons. After I spent time in all the places he had been while I was in the Army and talking to a friend he had made in Holland and heard the stories from the friend. I wish I could of had a talk with my dad to tell him thank you for what he did for America.
We honor you, Dean Jensen.
(Submitted by: Ken Jensen)