2018-10-11 Calugas
Jose Calugas was a Philippine native as well as a World War II hero. Born in Leon, Iloilo, Philippines and left without a mother at the age of ten, he left high school to support his family. Calugas enlisted in the United States Army in 1930 and bean basic training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He then did additional training to become artilleryman and was later assigned to the 24th Artillery Regiment of the Philippine Scouts at Fort Stotsenburg, Pampanga before being moved to the 88th Field Artillery Regiment of the Philippine Scouts.
Calugas was the first Filipino to receive the Medal of Honor during WWII in 1945 and was presented the award by General George Marshall. Calugas voluntarily ran 1,000 yards to a newly bombed and shelled battery gun position to organize a volunteer squad and place the gun back into commission all while being shot at by Japanese artillery.  Because of his actions, Calugas earned his Medal of Honor as a Mess Sergeant with the 88th Field Artillery in the Philippine Scouts and was the only Filipino to do so.
We honor you, Jose Calugas Sr.

(#Submission by: Chambers Primary School Philippino Month Appreciation wall)