I am writing this narrative in behalf of my father who served his country in World War One. At this point and time, I can only relate the story that he told me as a child. He told me that he fought in World War One, in France, in the Campaign of Chateau Thierry. He was in the Battle of Verdun where he was wounded in the right leg. As a consequence, he laid on the battlefield among many, many dead and wounded soldiers. He laid there for three days before they came to pick up the wounded and the dead. this is as far as the story goes in my recollection, and unfortunately I do not know the exact date that he was wounded. I do know that my father walked with a limp his entire life as a result of his injury.
He was a very, very shy and humble man and to me it is fitting that he should be remembered for his service.
We honor you, Sabatino Abilio.

(Written by his daughter: Angelina LoSasso. #Repost @National Purple Heart Hall of Honor)