2018-4-29 Brown
Reuben Brown was born Oct 27, 1923 in Kingsley, Iowa. Dad went into the service January 1943. He served overseas for 2 years, 5 months, 26 days. According to his discharge paperwork, he served 6 months as a rifleman before becoming a cook for the next 9 months. He served in Air Force Headquarter’s Squadron Officers Mess. He “prepared meals from special rations for flying officers. He made soups, roasted meats, salads, eggs, and other dishes.” He finished up his last 8 months as a Guard.
While overseas, he served in Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes, Rhineland, and was part of the Central Europe Air Offensive.
He came back to us aboard the Queen Mary. He went to work in Sioux City for the Bar S Meat plant. He met my mom there and they were married September 11, 1947. Dad worked for the railroad for 8 years. I came along September 25, 1948.
In 1947, we sold the house and furniture and left Iowa for Seattle, WA. Dad went to work for Pacific Car Foundry and worked there until 1959 when he went to work for Boeing. He died June 14, 1998 and was buried in Tahoma National Cemetery.
We honor you, Reuben Brown.

(Submission written by: Bonnie Brown)