2018-3-27 Bryant

Wally Bryant, August 1992, helping a total stranger remove a tree from his home after Hurricane Andrew, Homestead, FL.

During the mid-1960’s, Wally Bryant, fresh out of Seacrest High School, Delray Beach, FL, enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps.  He was sent to Vietnam as so many others before and after him were ordered.  He would remain in that combat zone for two tours.
Sgt. Bryant was committed to whatever duty to which he was assigned.  His courage and physique made him a sure candidate for entering the Viet Cong tunnels.  His integrity was never in question while in Intelligence.
Bryant’s ‘esprit de corps’ and responsibility to never leaving a man behind saved lives while he served aboard an unarmed Medevac.  The story of the Sgt. going back under fire to retrieve what was thought to be a dead Marine is well known in his hometown, for the man recovered and became a fireman.
Sgt. Bryant has retained his Southern, chivalrous demeanor and commendable character to anyone in need – friend or stranger alike.  He is a wonderful example of righteous upbringing and military discipline.  Someone that anyone would be proud to call – Friend.
When my own son was killed while serving in the Marines. Wally bent the pin from his own dress cap emblem and gave it to me.  He explained that was an act his unit in Vietnam did for the families of fellow fallen Marines.  I wear that emblem around my neck to this day – not only for my son, but for all those who can no longer wear their own.
Thank you, Wally, for everything!
We honor you, Walter Bryant.
(Submission written by: GP Cox)