2018-3-21 DiBartolomeo
Anthony was drafted into the military on December 2, 1942. He was sent to Camp Kilmer, South Plain Field, N.J. From there he went to Miami, Florida for basic training, then on to Savannah, Georgia and then to Columbia AFB, Columbia, SC. He returned to Camp Kilmer and from there was shipped out to England on the Queen Mary, which was converted to a troop ship carrying 16,000 men.
They arrived in England in March 1944. On June 13, 1944 his squadron, the 83rd Airdrome, 9th Air Force landed on Omaha Beach, Normandy, France. There they were attached to Patton’s 3rd Army and followed him to the end of the war.
Anthony returned to the USA and was honorably discharged in November 1945. He returned to his job and worked there and other jobs till October 1951, when he was hired as Middlesex’s 1st regular Italian Officer.
During his twenty-six year career, Anthony was awarded as the “Police Officer of the Year” by the America Legion and the Middlesex Jaycee’s.
He was also a marksman shooter on the Middlesex Police department Pistol Team. In 1955 Allentown, PA. He came in second place in a National Shoot. He and another person both shot 299 out of 300. Anthony had eighteen times in the black and the person who came in first had twenty-two times.
We honor you, Anthony DiBartolomeo Sr.

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