2018-3-18 Doody
Katherine was raised on a rural Maryland farm, went to nursing school and landed a job at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C. She had hopes of joining the Army to see the world, but was one inch too short for Army standards, so she joined the Navy.
Soon after, the Army lowered their height standards, she transferred in and was assigned to Tripler Army Hospital in Hawaii in September 1941. She was among 82 nurses on the base when Pearl Harbor was attacked and as a nurse, she worked 24 straight hours.
By 1944, the Army assigned her to Germany where she earned a Bronze Star for valor. In late 1950, she went to the 8063 Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, the first MASH in Korea. Kathryn retired from the Army in July of 1966 after 28 years of service.
We honor you, Katherine Doody.

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