2018-1-23 Conant
Sgt. Conant, a member of the 25th Infantry Division, was killed Feb 12, 1968 on the eve of his 20th birthday. He had enlisted in the Army in March, 1966, and had been in Vietnam for 11 months, during which time he had received two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star. Prior to enlisting in the Army he had attended both Austin and Burges High Schools.
Sgt. Conant had been nominated for the Distinguished Service Cross. the nation’s second highest award, as a result of his actions Nov 30, 1967, while on an ambush patrol outside Cu Chi, Vietnam. At that time, Sgt. Conant threw himself on a live enemy grenade that had fallen just behind his squad. The grenade did not explode.
Sgt. Conant lost his life when the Armored Personnel Carrier that he was traveling in was struck with hostile small arms fire.
We honor you, Gregory Conant.

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