2018-1-18 Hand
On 22 June 2004 Sergeant First Class Hand was the Convoy Security Team Leader in a logistical convoy traveling north on Main Supply Route Tampa from Al Taqaddum, Iraq to Camp Anaconda at Balad, Iraq. At approximately 0200, the transfer truck he was traveling in was attacked by an improvised explosive device. Due to the explosion, the driver lost control of the vehicle. While traveling about 100 kilometers an hour, the vehicle went across the median, the left hand lanes and into a palm tree grove. The vehicle finally stopped about 100 meters into the grove and the windshield had blown inward on them. The driver jumped out of the vehicle to stop the convoy.
Sergeant First Class Hand got out of the vehicle and tried to run. He repeatedly lost footing resulting in contusions to his lower left extremity and left wrist. After reaching the road, he saw the convoy gun truck. He screamed, “It’s me, don’t shoot, it’s Sergeant First Class Hand.” He was recovered by the convoy truck and taken to the front gate of Logistical Supply Area Anaconda., Balad, Iraq. He was then transported ot 31st Combat Support Hospital where he was treated for corneal abrasions on his left eye caused by the glass blown from the vehicles windshield.
We honor you, Chad Hand.

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