Myra enlisted in the Coast Guard Merchant Marines in October of 1945, at the young age of 17. He served in the Stewards Department as a Messman- Utility Man. Within a months’ time, he was promoted to Warrant Officer, a very quick promotion during that era! Although his service was at the tail end of the war, the Merchant Marines were often in the most dangerous positions, as the ships were frequently targeted as a way to block the supply chain.
Years later, among his important military documents, family members found his diagram of the ships’ life boats with personal notations of where life-saving gear would be found. He seemed prepared for the worst- an unlikely characteristic of peers his age at that time. Later studies showed, that many perished due to the lack of preparation for such catastrophic events.
We honor you, Robert Myra.

(Submission by Lynda Myra)