2018-1-02 Davis
George Davis was one of only five soldiers in his Officer Candidate School class commissioned for duty other than infantry. His assignment was intelligence, which led him to flight school and sorties over North Vietnam and Laos on dangerous reconnaissance missions. Davis also became proficient in maneuvering helicopters, and he carried along his expertise when he was in charge of a unit flying recon over the DMZ in Korea and later at the Pentagon in coordinating photographic intelligence to support the U.S. invasion of Grenada.
Flying reconnaissance missions over North Vietnam and Laos in a Mohawk aircraft, George Davis was well aware of the plane’s nickname, The Widowmaker. Working at night with no air support or weapons, Davis photographed evidence of enemy troop movements and construction for use on future bombing runs. His expertise served him well in directing recon missions over the DMZ in Korea and at the Pentagon, where he coordinated photo analysis for special forces operations around the world. He flew over 100 missions in the OV-1 Mohawk. Commander of Mohawk Company, A Company, 146th MI Battalion, while stationed in Korea.
We honor you,  George Davis III.

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