CPT Winston Paul Lockard Sr.


While on a search and destroy mission as a part of “Operation Manhattan” in the Boi Loi Woods, Company B 4/23 (MECH) Infantry, 25th Infantry Division was attacked by a large VC force. The enemy employed small arms, mortars, and rifle grenades. We returned fire with small arms, automatic weapons and artillery. As the battle continued, the guerrillas fired on us with RPG-2 rockets, destroying two armored Personnel Carriers (APCs). We called in close support air strikes and after two hours of intense fighting. The VC broke contact and withdrew, taking with them their killed and wounded. I was the platoon leader of 2nd platoon, Company B, and was wounded in this firefight.

We honor you, Paul Lockard.

(#Repost @Purple Heart Hall of Valor)

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