1LT Marian Charlotte Arner Jones

2017-11-3 Jones

Training to be a nurse in 1941, First Lieutenant Marian Jones was inspired by FDR’s “Date of Infamy” speech to join the Army Nurse Corps. Bored by her initial duty station in Pennsylvania, she sought a transfer to the 34th Evacuation Hospital, and following training at a tent hospital, was sent to England, where she was billeted with a British family. Landing on Omaha Beach on June 22nd, 1944, she spent her first night in France sleeping in a foxhole on the beach. Upon arriving at the hospital, she was told which patients were to be given plasma—a procedure she had never carried out on her own. She comments, “And just like that, I knew what I had to do.” She describes her absolute joy at returning home in October 1945, after more than a year of nursing in a combat zone, and seeing her father, mother, and sister for the first time since her departure.

We honor you, Marian Jones.

(#Repost @Veteran’s History Project)

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