Cpl Robert G. Geisler, Jr.

2017-10-30 Geisler

Writing to his parents from Vietnam in 1966 and 1967, Marine Corps Corporal Robert G. Geisler, Jr., offered up all of the brutal details of his combat experiences, describing the high incidence of booby traps, mines, and casualties, and the impact that witnessing such violence has on his state of mind. His correspondence gives the sense of a very young man (he was 19 when he departed for Vietnam) who coped with the horrors of war by sharing them with his family. Despite all that he sees in country, his commentary also hints at a spirit that remains hopeful, such as when he describes the camaraderie between members of his unit. Eight weeks before he was scheduled to leave Vietnam, he was seriously wounded while on patrol; though he never saw combat again, he survived, and returned home to his family.

We honor you, Robert Geisler Jr.

(#Repost @Veteran’s History Project)

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