2017-9-22 Stuart
Captain Stuart reported for duty at Northwestern University in March 1945, to replace Captain Hall as Commanding Officer of the V-12 and NROTC Unit here. Captain Hall retired at this time. Previously, Captain Stuart had 78 consecutive months of sea duty.
Charles Stuart graduated from the Naval Academy in June of 1924, following which began his very successful and exciting Naval career. Between the time of graduation and the outbreak of hostilities, Captain Stuart saw a wide variety of duty. He spent a year on USS Pennsylvania, four years on various destroyers, participated in the Nicaraguan Campaign, served as an instructor at the Naval Academy and as Flag Secretary to the Commander, Cruiser Division Three.
On December 7, 1941, Captain Stuart was on duty with the Southeast Pacific Force. Shortly after the outbreak of the war, he was assigned to the staff of Admiral “Bull” Halsey and in such capacity participated in the campaign to conquer the Solomons. Later, while in command of a destroyer division, he participated in the occupations of the New Georgia and Bougainville Islands. His division of destroyers made numerous raids on Rabaul, the Gilbert Islands and the Marshalls, as well as participating in the first raids on Truk and the Marianas. His division made many daring raids on Japanese held territory, and for his outstanding leadership during one of these raids, he was decorated with the Legion of Merit.
Among his numerous ribbons, Captain Stuart wears the Legion of Merit with a gold star in lieu of the second award of that medal. He also wears a Commendation Ribbon, the ribbon for the Second Nicaraguan Campaign, the American Defense, American Theater, and the Asiatic Pacific Theater ribbon with seven major engagement stars.
We honor you, Charles Stuart.

(#Repost @US Navy Support Books, “The Purple Salvo”, Patrol Squadron 19: 1946)