2017-9-5 MacIndoe
After graduating from Penn State in 1942, John commissioned in the Army and he continued to serve for over 30 years. During that time, he participated in World War II, the Korean Conflict and Vietnam. His duties included commanding a rifle company, an infantry battalion and an infantry battle group; he was assigned to staff duty on the Army and Joint Staffs in the Pentagon and on NATO’s Central Army Group Headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany. He served as Director of Psychological Operations in Vietnam. He was also a graduate of the National War College at Fort McNair in Washington, D.C., and later served as a member of its faculty. He also earned a M.A. degree in International Relations from George Washington University in 1964.
John’s citation for receiving the Silver star is as follows:
“On April 19, 1945, in the vicinity of Friedrukbrunn, Germany, while advancing against strongly defended enemy positions with assault elements of the Infantry, Capt. MacIndoe’s company was subjected to deadly enemy machine gun, rifle, and rocket fire. Realizing the need for rapid advance, he unhesitatingly exposed himself to the full fury of the concentrated fire to guide a supporting tank to a position of advantage and then personally manned the tank’s machine gun to deliver a heavy volume of devastating fire against the enemy emplacements. Although twice knocked from his exposed position on the tank by rocket fire, he continued to fire until the ammunition was exhausted. He then left the tank and led his men through withering fire in a frontal assault, overrunning the enemy defenses, killing many and capturing seventy-nine enemy personnel. Capt. MacIndoe’s courageous leadership and valiant actions enabled his company to take its objectives with a minimum of casualties.”
We honor you, John MacIndoe.

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