New Guinea 10/24/44

U.S. Army Air Corps/HQ Co/187th/11th Airborne Division

1942-1946 WWII Pacific Theater
Paratrooper/Gliderman/ Expert in 37mm Tank Destroyer cannon; General Joseph Swing’s HQ Service Staff.
He grew up on Broad Channel, New York and first retired in Hallandale and then North Lauderdale, Florida.
Having been 27 years old when the 11th Airborne was established, he was older than everyone, less 2 officers.  Despite his age, he was selected to be one of the newly formed, soon to be elite trained 11th.
As a member of the Headquarters Company, he was part of the unit that made a perimeter of defense for the 5th Air Force Hospital when Japanese paratroopers dropped in that area of the Philippines, but he never spoke in the first person, he always related a story about what his division accomplished.
During Smitty’s time with the 11th, Gen. Swing became the one man he ever looked up to and served under him from the creation at Camp MacKall, NC to New Guinea, Leyte, Luzon, Okinawa and one of the first into Japan and the ‘clean-up’ operations.  He was promoted to Corporal during his tour, but he was busted back to Private 2 weeks before being sent home after giving a Major a right-cross for stealing the general’s souvenir sword.  [and he said he never regretted it.].
Everett Smith was a terrific father and my hero.  I have his PTO ribbon with 3 stars, Philippine Liberation ribbon with 2 stars and an arrowhead, Occupation of Japan and Asia-Pacific Campaign.
We honor you, Everett Smith.
(Submission written by: GP Cox)