CPL Mary Lou Palmore Paden

2017-8-1 Paden
Mary Lou enlisted in the Women’s Army Corps (WAC) in 1943. Mary Lou went to basic training in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. She was in Squadron D, of the 3030th Army Air Force, serving in Mather Field, California and Roswell Air Base, New Mexico.
In the top right picture, Private Mary Lou (left) and “Private Eleanor Leuallen (center), are assisting Corp. Jim Corrigan (right) in repairing a plane on MeClellan field’s parking mat.”
“Veteran flew on the “Enola Gay” and had dinner with Colonel Tibbits and crew after they dropped the A-Bomb. [Mary Lou] also hitchhiked a ride with the “Blue Angels” to get back to her base after being home on leave.”
We honor you, Mary Lou Paden.

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  • Ll457532359

    She could rollerskate better than anyone else at her great-grandson’s birthday party. I have picture proof! She loved to drive fast too. She haf plenty of tickets to show for.it too. Tickets.that she didnt want the family to know about, especially her son. She is my Nana. She looked at life like evertday was an advent

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