2017-7-31 Graves
Ray Calvin Graves Private 1st Class 129th Army Infantry Regiment 1951-1955. Born Dec 16, 1932 Tehema County, California. He enlisted in the US Army in 1951, then went to Washington State at Fort Lewis, 44th division of the Army Boot Camp training then flew to NY and took a ship into Leghorn Italy then by train to Saulzberg and truck deployed to Salzak Austria where he attended Army ski school training and was awarded in several Rangers Target Competitions conducted thru 50′ snow banks. He became a Border Patrol M1 Rifleman in the Austrian Alps, suffered a broken leg then became Radio Man for Sergant Hainer’s 39 man 1st Platoon Company. Honorably discharged back to California family and married 1955.
We honor you, Ray Graves.

(Submission written by: Hannah Graves)