2017-7-8 Walcutt
Sharolyn served in the Vietnam War from 1963-1969. She served with the USS Repose (AH 16) as a part of the Navy Nurse Corps. Sharolyn was in St. Albans, New York; Oakland, California (Oaknoll Naval Hospital); and Vietnam.
Stationed on the Repose, a hospital ship anchored off the coast of Vietnam, Sharolyn Walcutt was among the first group of nurses to serve in Vietnam, arriving in 1965. The war was something that was close enough to sometimes see and hear and yet the Repose was a kind of refuge, too. Following her one-year stint, Walcutt literally saw the world, taking the long way back to the States through India, the Middle East, and Europe. Walcutt formed many close, long-running relationships from her days aboard the Repose.
We honor you, Sharolyn Walcutt.

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