2017-7-7 Dempsey

Joseph graduated from Enterprise High School in Redding, CA in 2012 and decided to serve his country by enlisting in the Marine Corps. He was an 0612 Tactical SwitchBoard Operator but as soon as he was assigned to a fleet he was a Radio Operator (0621). Joseph was a Radio Operator for the 81 mm Mortar Platoon for two years and then became the head Radio Operator of a Weapons Company for another two years. He served with the 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines Regiment, 1/3, which is part of the 3rd Marine Division. Joseph served two deployments in Okinawa, Japan.

Joseph was a dedicated and responsible Marine who was respected by his peers. He was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in 2017.

Currently, Joseph is attending college while also working to become certified as a police officer. His future plans are to work in the police industry and continue to care for and serve others.

We honor you, Joseph Dempsey.

(Submission by: Ninzel Rasmuson)